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Self Care Activities

  • Functional Mobility: This is referred to as moving from one place to another while performing activities. This includes walking, sitting, standing and more, in short all physical abilities to get around independently.
  • Cleaning the Body: This includes bathing and showering and toilet hygiene. One should be able to get in the bathroom or toilet clean oneself and getting back up.
  • Personal Hygiene and Grooming: This activity includes brushing, combing, styling and dressing.
  • Self Feeding: Self feeding is the ability to get food required. This does not include cooking, chewing or swallowing.

One may not be able to do the activities several reasons.

Disabilities: Disability means limitations that are physical, mental or both that hinder performance of everyday activities. They need direct hands-on assistance or supervision to ensure the daily activities are completed in a safe, consistent and appropriate manner. Most of the disabilities can be overcome by using different aid equipment and monitoring devices.

Post Injuries: This is a condition that happens mainly after severe accidents, stroke, or other major incidents, where the person is limited suddenly on his ability to perform daily activities.

Children: In case of children, learning and developing self care abilities is most essential. As they grow they should be well trained to take care of themselves from beginning. Equipment like a walking chair for example helps them to develop their abilities at ease.

Elders: Many elder people experience problems in daily living because of chronic illness or health related disabilities. These difficulties restrict their ability to perform self care. The inabilities may appear as a fatigue which hinders the ability to function normal. This can be eased by assistive aids, for example if a knee pain appears, a knee brace can provide support and help them completes the daily activities with ease.

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